At VipaHelda it is our goal to bring businesses to a higher level by providing the right tools.
Said differently, we create the tools your business needs. 
What we create, is software for mobile applications. Being more than Yet Another App our applications are natively built, tailor made and optimized for your business. We prove this with our three pillars: philosophyreality and design.


We believe that apps are either game-changers or unnecessary.
Here are our highlights of why we think our apps can change the game. 
Our apps are brought to life to make your lives easier. Overviews, bill-of-materials and dashboards are all – and should be – automatically created. No more hassle with paper documents and archiving. Let’s keep it simple. 
Time is crucial, costly and most wisely spent when not waiting. Sharing and printing is always possible on-the-fly; Slices and dices of historical data are a piece of cake. Archiving or looking for archives, is history. 
Make your processes less error prone by minimizing manual operations. Automate processes and reduce costs at the same time. Give your company a boost by discarding obsolete processes while making use of modern technologies. 


Our apps are used in the real world. And that means business.

Our in-house experience ranges across many industries — from medicine and pharmaceuticals to banking and logistics, and from small sized to large companies — to provide you with the best of our knowledge in consultancy services and software development. New trends and technologies that your business is involved in — such as home automation and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) — are part of our daily business. 


We take our work seriously.

We care about high quality designs. Not only in aesthetics, but in every part of the app. Well defined APIs and top notch security protocols are not icing on the cake. At VipaHelda this is standard. 

Every aspect of the application design, including software development methodology used, is carefully thought through to maximize robustness and flexibility.

VipaHelda BV
Cypresbaan 16a
2908 LT Capelle a/d IJssel
The Netherlands

Tel +31 (0) 10 - 3072 752
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chamber of Commerce/KvK: 53952944
ING Bank Account Number: IBAN NL18INGB0005876441
BTW: 8239.80.534B.04

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