TestWise is a SaaS testing platform for all your testing needs with a created software testing tool. With an unsurpassed QA testing service TestWise can create automated software tests for their customers to review.

Test Player

For Ila Neobank we received a green field project, where we had the
opportunity to create a Neobank with no ties to any other prior system
that belongs to their bank. This meaning we as a team came together and
designed a Neobank out of thin air with no guidelines for our partner that
met their expectations.


TestWise is completely serverless, it is a powerful platform that offers key features to automate cloud testing powered by GCP and Azure. With our platform, companies are able to run PlayWright tests directly on the cloud within an easy-to-scale testing environment. Because of this, TestWise can run 1000 tests in minutes using our serverless infrastructure.

We created a new feature that’s called the Test Player. This feature can help businesses to find bugs and errors in their software fast and easily. The Test Player gives the possibility to a company to create a test video that gives a clear overview where the bugs and errors in the software are, the test player will include timestamps so a customer can go to the problems very quickly and can focus completely on fixing the software.

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