Ila Banking

Ila bank is a fully virtual mobile banking that is backed by bank ABC. Mobile banking made easy and tailored to customer needs which are active across five continents, covering countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, the Americas and Asia. 

For Ila we made a feature that made it possible that customers can digitally onboard from anywhere on the mobile banking app within 5 minutes. We also added using step functions for workflow. We powered our features by using AWS


ING is one of the largest banking companies in the Netherlands. ING Investment provides investment advice, credit solutions, multi management and wealth management services. For ING we created a multi-entity solution to deliver one IT landscape to serve multiple countries.


Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company. Rabobank has two options when it comes to online banking. On the one hand normal everyday consumers can do their mobile banking, on the other hand they provide the option for businesses to do their online banking. VipaHelda B.V. has done a number of jobs to upgrade the online banking experience. These jobs include integrating a Forecast feature for the bank, implementing signing order and creating generic components. 

Other Services

De Beren

In collaboration with another company called Piggy we created an app for a dutch restaurant called “De Beren”. This app included a loyalty system with points to get discounts on your orders but also email verification system, an online order system and a reservation system.


The Port of Rotterdam is famous for using the latest technology in its harbors, being the largest harbor of Europe, and having one of the world’s largest projects in reclaimed land in the Maasvlakte 2. 

As a pure Rotterdam company VipaHelda has been involved in multiple projects for several clients in the maritime logistics industry to help our customers make these projects not only possible – but in less time as well.