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Software Development, Digitial Transformation and IT Architecture

Origin Story

Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, VipaHelda is a Dutch software company delivering both mobile and tablet solutions to customers across the globe. Our customer-oriented solutions are designed to keep people engaged, with multi-faceted features allowing you to access organization data from office or any remote locations. Our application softwares for mobile and tablet devices are effective and efficient in reducing time, optimizing resources, and increasing business-to-business processes.

We build complete enterprise architecture solutions on your mobile devices and tablet computers, catering to all data access and management needs in a cloud environment for your organization. Our distinguished software solutions are focused on streamlining processes, generating multiple data reports, developing comparison metrics, and much more – all performed without the need for additional hardware or software. With our dynamic solutions, you can have access to a handful of dashboard features at your fingertips.

Origin Story

At VipaHelda it is our goal to bring businesses to a higher level by providing the right tools. Said differently, we create the tools your business needs while keeping it efficient and innovative. At VipaHelda we work with our three pillars: Philosophy. Reality and Design.